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Kamphaeng Phet was an ancient town, more than 700 years old situated on the left bank of The Ping River. The town was formerly called "Cha Kang Rao" and "Nakhon Chum". Located 223 miles from Bangkok, 50 miles from Sukhothai , bordered by Tak to the west, Nakhon Sawan to the south, Phichit and Phitsanulok to the east and Sukhothai to the north.

Kamphaeng Phet (Diamond Wall), established in the mid 14th century by King Li Thai, played the role of a defensive town for Sukhothai during a threat of conflict with neighboring states. A six meters high defensive wall and accompanying moat laid the last line of defense for the enclosed city. To the north of the old city, the serene forested region of Arunyik was reserved as a place for meditation. Monks from Sri Lanka resided in the forest retreat and their influences can be seen in many of the forest's temples.

At present in Kamphaeng Phet can be seen the ancient city walls and many archaeological monuments inside and outside the walls. These archaeological sites had long been left unattended.

The present task of the Fine Art Department is to renovate and develop the archaeological sites and monuments in the ancient city which covers an area of 962 hectare of land on both banks of the Ping River. There are large groups of ancient monumental sites scattered all over the area, including more than 81 individual monuments.

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